Friday, December 5, 2008

God's Amazing Providences

Christian World View and Creation Documentaries are the ministry in which we have been called. And we are so happy today to see a huge surge in quality videos by various Christian production companies, some large and some small, but all bring to the table a different "feel" to their video productions and I believe that some great productions are on the horizon.
We here at Iachod visuals are blessed to have been able to produce two new documentaries in as many years.
The first of these two is called "The Young Sun".
Our journey began in the fall of 2006. I had been creating private DVDs for a few members of our church...purely for their as well as my enjoyment. I would take Hubble photos and such and Ken Burns them into a spacey musical dance with inspirational music. Everyone loved them and would loop them on their TVs as sort of a audio/video ambiance. During the same time I bought a telescope and because I was older and at the time could afford it I bought a very large telescope. One evening I had some parents in our church bring their children over to our place in the country to have a small star party where we would view some pretty amazing stuff. I punched an object into the GoTo mechanism and as the telescope slowly started to slew around some information about the object would display on the screen. Something like: "such and such nebula distance from Earth 36 million light years. I exclaimed to a good friend standing next to me; "man isn't that amazing the light from that object is 36 million years old" Then it dawned on me, I believe the Bible teaches that the Earth is only 6000 years old.
It is not as if my faith was shaken, but I needed to find out how this could be and if there anything in the Bible to describe it. After a few web searches, I found a really intelligent fellow by the Name of Dr. John Hartnett so I e-mailed him the question. He replied promptly and told me to call and gave me his phone number in Australia. So I did. He explained that it wasn't as if there were no answers to How we distant starlight in a young universe but that are many ways God could have done it. Then he gave me the scripture in Isa 45:12 I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded." He informed me that he would be in Albuquerque New Mexico that spring in a conference with several other prominent astronomers and astrophysicists and said I should come and film the event as well as film interviews. The problem was that I did not have a camera. Furthermore, I had no idea how to use one. But for reasons that only now I know I accepted his invitation.
I began my searches for good professional video cameras and was flabbergasted at the prices. I also needed a good editing system because I knew that Windows Movie Maker and my little HP would not do the trick. I also needed lights , sound recording equipment, booms, and digital interfaces for sound and really good sound editing equipment. It is absolutely amazing how God put all of it together through so many avenues in only two months. Really had He taken two decades I could have never dreamed of such an act. I have been told that I have a state of the art Audio video editing studio by more than one professional. The problem was now: "How do i use it?" I practiced day after day with the camera, read the manual, set up lights and tried to get tips from other people on how to do interview footage. This went on for about three weeks right up until the day my wife, my daughter and I left for Albuquerque.
We were blessed to be able to go to Albuquerque New Mexico in the Spring of 2007. We really did not have the money. The men in our church (unknown to me) voted to giver me $3000.00 for the trip. They pretty much said "Here Steve. Go. Make a movie" ...Amazing!
It was exciting! I had never been out of the South and I looked forward to the scenery on the 26 hour trip. As we neared Albuquerque, I became extremely nervous. I wasn't confident at all in my new found videography skills. Kind of like a newly dropped foal...all shaky and such. Not to mention I would be in a room with 6 scientists who probably have combined IQ of something like eleven hundred.
John was very down to earth and accommodating. He introduced me to the other five scientists who were there. They were all extremely nice and actually gave me interviews as well.
When we returned to Alabama, I went to work and from these interviews we got "The Young Sun" a documentary about the proposed evolutionary age of the sun and how the evidence actually contradicts that assigned age.
Then about a Year later John called me and asked if he could come and visit and get a few places to speak in Birmingham Al. So in January of 2007 Dr, Hartnett came a stayed with me for a week, during which time we set the storyline for our recently released video called "The Heavens Declare" We filmed in my studio all week. This time I had my legs under me a little more so it turned better than the first Documentary.
Now God has been pleased to send another amazing asset. We now have a full time animator who also happens to be my son-in-law. The best part is he loves the Lord.
I just wanted to share this story in hopes that those who face what seems like incredible odds, just hang in there, be strong and though it may not come the way you envision (I hasn't for me) still we must try....
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